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The Posters and Booklet to better OO

I haven’t done a drawing in months! I guess that’s because I am not very talented when it comes to drawing…(not a surprise).

Today I found a couple of documents related to those drawings. The idea seemed very good at the time: print some posters with the rules and distribute them through the company. Blast them everywhere: cafeteria, coffee break rooms, bathrooms. Make them visible for people to see, discuss and even get angry at.
Here’s  a preview:


So let’s download the poster and share it

You can also download the booklet. This is the “take-it-with-you” format. If you have a printer that can print each side of a page, this a 1/4 size of a normal page. Carry it around, show it off in the bus, share it with coworkers, give it away to strangers, etc..

I should think about making some stickers next :-)

These posters are inspired by the ThoughtWorks Anthology book . The inspiration for my drawings go to Mauro Entrialgo