About resources

I recently twitted about my problem with using the word “resource” when referring to people. I have no problem when we use it for other things like printers, projectors, rooms, etc… but it makes me gag in the context of people.

Let’s use it in a sentence shall we?
“We need more resources to finish this project on time”. There is so much evil on this bit that I am just going to highlight that “resources” here, are not new servers, monitors or keyboards for pairing.

“We have allocated our resources to be 50% dedicated to this effort” Wow! Bad, bad, bad.

“This printer is not working; I need a new resource to print this document”. Thank you. You can even come to my house and print on my printer.

By calling me a “resource”, you dehumanize me. You reinforce the myth of software as a factory. You bring me back to the ages of gold mining, when an exhausted miner could be replaced by any other person. You really don’t motivate me to do my best.