A better team

A site based on the quiz on the Art of Agile Development book by Jim Shore

Take a retrospective and fill out this quiz with your team. You will see that the conversation that the quiz generates matters more than the result.

Hey! InfoQ wrote about this here!

About this

When I contacted Jim Shore asking for permission to use his quiz from his book, I gave him a little prototype that he could play with it. He gave me the green light, so I went full steam for another few weeks before the site appeared on infoQ.

This project was challenging for a number of reasons. First, I never wrote python before. Second, I never used a noSQL database before like BigTable. This was my first attempt to deploy to the google app engine. Luckily, that was the easiest part.

On top of this, I was bouncing from a mac to a windows machine. Since I did not have the same text editor on both machines, I was getting irritated with the inconsistency of my project setup so I decided to bite the bullet and learn emacs at the same time. Never looked back since.

a better team