Code retreat

At code retreat, we retreat from the world to advance in our craft. We sharpen our saws, together.

We retreat from production and business value to increase our production capacity, our quality, our velocity, our ability to produce business value.

We retreat from immersion in deep technology issues to advance in our ability to learn and adopt to any technology well.

We retreat from our fears, and embrace new practices and patterns.

We retreat from our local ponds and swim in a larger pool. We connect with other passionate coders who we seldom get to code with. We make new connections and learn new lessons.

At code retreat everything is about the journey and nothing about the destination.

Now go and participate or organize one near you

About this

Even though I never made paper and sticker copies of this flyer, it was the original idea to promote the first code retreat in Philadelphia, PA. It was a great event, people had a lot of fun. So much that we did another one a few months later

I took a long time to finish this one because I was learning new techniques: tracing images, layered backgrounds and gradients.