Extreme Fishbowl

Two pairs of programmers, the latest high-tech tools, large screen monitors, and a customer with a vision. Put it all together and you have... Extreme Fishbowl 2010!

Eight years after the original event, the fishbowl is back, bigger and better than ever. The customer wants clean code that works, the developers want to exhibit their programming skills (while not getting fired), and the audience wants a good time while they eat.

Extreme fishbowl celebrates the art of team-base, agile programming. It holds four programmers, a customer and a commentator, all working with real live code.

About this

I attended the past 2 agile conferences and one of my favorite event was programming with the stars. I can only imagine how much of a blast the fishbowl is going to be. Especially with J.B. as the "crotchety customer".

This design will be printed at the door of the event on a 36"x48" panel. This is the first time one of my designs will be scaled to that size for a lot of people to see!